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Swimming Laps
  • SAFE SWIM suitable for any type of swimming pool?
    Yes, SAFE SWIM works with all shapes, sizes, materials, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
  • What organizations can SAFE SWIM provide services to?
    The biggest advantage of SAFE SWIM is that whether you are a sports center/club, builder, hotel, private pool, etc., all units/individuals who want to improve safety can contact us to make swimming the best worry-free option. experience.
  • How long does it take to set up and launch SAFE SWIM? Do I need to close my business?
    After completing the SAFE SWIM solution subscription and communicating with the SAFE SWIM team, it only takes 15 working days to start running immediately. There is no need to close your pool, we will connect to your existing camera equipment in the fastest and painless way possible.
  • Are there any regional restrictions on SAFE SWIM?
    no. SAFE SWIM's intelligent AI system will not be subject to regional restrictions, and we are committed to becoming the most influential global swimming pool safety supplier.
  • What are the advantages of SAFE SWIM’s cloud management platform?
    SAFE SWIM has developed a cloud management platform specifically for swimming pool operators, which can record daily swimming pool flow, analyze high-risk areas of the swimming pool, and integrate personnel management. Moreover, we visualize the data in a beautiful and easy-to-read way, which can be easily Key to output different file types to speed up and enhance the management efficiency of swimming pool operators.
  • Will SAFE SWIM work with my current surveillance equipment? Are there any model restrictions?
    Yes, the existence of SAFE SWIM can reduce the cost of hardware replacement. Our system is perfectly compatible with your existing system and is suitable for all camera brands and models with resolutions above 1080p.
  • Is the data collected by SAFE SWIM safe?
    The data collected by SAFE SWIM is anonymous, and all data will be 100% encrypted and monitored.
  • Does SAFE SWIM require time for repairs or maintenance?
    No, this is also the biggest advantage of SAFE SWIM. Our system will constantly update features and versions automatically, allowing you to experience the best pool management experience during your subscription period.
  • Is SAFE SWIM an expensive service?
    SAFE SWIM is committed to improving pool safety and providing quality service at the most affordable prices. Your pricing will vary depending on the plan you choose. For information on pricing and discounts click the button below
  • I want to use SAFE SWIM in multiple venues. Are there any discounts available?
    Yes, SAFE SWIM can support various swimming pools, please contact us for bulk ordering plans!
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